Ethanol Fuels Provide a Boost for Every Driver

Learn the benefits of ethanol-based fuels from Omaha, NE

Have you noticed flex fuels and blends while you’re at the gas pump? Renewable Performance Products LLC wants you to know about the benefits of ethanol-based fuels. Flex fuels are a mixture of gasoline and ethanol that work well in modern vehicles and provide a boost to local farms and manufacturers.

Produced from processed corn, ethanol is less harmful than unblended gasoline. Contact Renewable Performance Products today to learn more about ethanol-based fuel in Omaha, NE.

3 worthwhile benefits of ethanol-based fuels

3 worthwhile benefits of ethanol-based fuels

Ethanol-based fuel is beneficial for all types of vehicles, not just performance race cars. We’re working hard to get people to change their gas pump habits toward ethanol fuels. There are various benefits of using ethanol-based fuels. Here are a few:

  1. It creates less pollution
  2. It has lower carbon monoxide production
  3. It supports domestic farmers

Using ethanol can helps conserve petroleum. Switch your vehicle to ethanol-based fuel in Omaha, NE today.