Find Racing Fuel in Omaha, NE

Renewable Performance Products markets Eclipse Race Fuel

Are you looking for a way to reduce your vehicle’s emissions while improving performance? We combine ethanol and gasoline for a superior fuel blend. Renewable Performance Products LLC wants you to know that ethanol is not an evil additive. We’re creating Eclipse Race Fuel in Omaha, NE to provide your car with:

Higher octane
Cooler combustion
Faster flame propagation

Many of today’s modern vehicles can use blended gasoline in their engines. Contact Renewable Performance Products today to learn more about ethanol-based fuels in Omaha, NE.

Keep an eye out for blended fuels at the pumps

Keep an eye out for blended fuels at the pumps

We want drivers to have the same acceptance of higher-ethanol blends as they do of everyday gasoline at the pump. Many drivers use ethanol-based race fuels because of the boost in performance when their vehicle needs torque and power. Discover the benefits of performance fueling in Omaha, NE.